No matter how small or large your Budget

We are grateful for all of our clients. It doesn't matter to us if you are a private person looking for beautiful floral decorations on your wedding day and have a budget of maximum 400 EUR or if you are a corporate client with four or five figure budget - we will provide our services to you with the same care and passion. We believe same as you that fresh cut flowers and floral decorations are a key for any celebration life may bring to us. From celebrating engagement, saying yes to your loved one, bringing life to your baby to corporate events where you want to celebrate with your employees a successful financial year a successful merger or an opening of a new branch of your growing company. We are always grateful to be part of these stories to which we add the floral element, the touch of the Mother Nature.

This page is dedicated to all of you as budget on floral decorations is a key part of any wedding or corporate event. Let us explain step-by-step how we approach your financial needs.

1. We ask you to describe us what kind of floral and decorating services you need. We ask for details and the overall concept. We ask for pictures and inspirations you have. The more information we have the better our internal design draft will be and more precise the estimated cost calculation will be.

2. Our designer prepares an internal design draft based on all of your ideas and our floral experience and practical approach.

3. Our production team prepares an estimated calculation of cost of our services and we present to you the total estimated calculated budget for your revision

3. You decide if the budget is acceptable to you

4. If the budget does not suit your financial needs we modify the design and present to you a new proposal

5. If you are still not satisfied we will make additional changes until you are happy with the budget and the amount of provided services from us

6. You reserve our services for the specified date of your event

You can rest assured that with over 92% of all potential clients that contact us we find the solution and the right balance between the price and the amount of floral services provided. For all the remaining clients we always try to find help by recommending them other floral designers and floral shops here in Prague so that they can find the floral service for their special event also. So please do not hesitate to contact us as you have nothing to worry about.

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