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Saint Thomas Church is our favorite church here in Prague. It was founded in the 13th century and its current baroque look dates to the first half of the 18th century right after the church has been reconstructed. The church has a rich artistic decoration which includes masterpieces of significant European artists (P.P.Rubens, B Spranger, K. Škréta and others) Together with adjacent Augustinian monastery is the church protected cultural monument of the Czech Republic.

Ceremony type: Religious
Ceremony Hours: until 16:00
Ceremony Duration: Ceremony is approx. 40 minutes long
Religious Ceremony Language: Religious ceremonies are in English or Spanish

Wedding Ceremony Capacity: there is enough space for more than 100 guest

Wedding receptions: as the St. Thomas Church is in the heart of Prague you can choose from a variety of venues, you can look for inspiration here

Saint Thomas Church is one of the most romantic places for a wedding in Prague

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