Where to Start When Planning Your Wedding in Prague

last update: 24.04.2016

This short Guide will cover key considerations BEFORE you start booking venues, buying gowns and deciding what the reception menu will be.

 Setting – and Keeping – a Budget

With amazing venues, 5* restaurants and hotels, incredible entertainment and most romantic city in Europe, it would seem that sky is the limit for you.

Destination weddings are unique, and The Knot has made a useful list of Top 13 Destination Wedding Tips that you might want to factor in for your budget.

After reading these 13 Tips you should talk openly with your loved one and family members about what people can contribute if they would really like to. Money is not always easy to talk about, but the earlier you talk about it the better.

Remember that you want to set yourself for a successful, happy wedding and that you also should not break your entire bank account on that. Planning financially both pre-wedding and after wedding is vital for your peace of mind. Take it seriously. And once that budget is set, stick to it!

Choosing a Date

A common question is "How do I pick a date that works for everyone and is still special to me?". At first you should consider these 5 factors:

Weather season 

Spring is a perfect time to visit Prague. There are not so many tourists around so you don’t have to worry about crowds on Charles Bridge or supra-solicited hotels.

Summer is a rather crowded season to visit Prague that has of course its advantages. Days are longer and warmer, tourist attractions are opened till late, you don’t have to worry about freezing temperatures. 

Autumn is the time when Prague becomes a fairy tale town and the changing colours of the city offer breath-taking views. Up to mid October the temperatures are fairly high and can reach up to 15-18°C/58-64°F. A white

Winter is the most beautiful thing to see in Prague. Unfortunately, cold weather can also be an impediment for those with a sensitive health state or for those who are not a big fan of colder seasons.

You should consider also Benefits of an Off-season Wedding and Avoiding major holiday is also preferable.

Taking at least one planning Trip to Prague

On the first trip, you'll need to scout and secure your key venues -- ceremony and reception spaces, hotels for guests, a rehearsal dinner venue. Next you'll need to schedule "tastings" with your caterer, see sample bouquets from the florist, plan a hair and makeup session with a local salon and organize activities (golf, tennis, walking tours, museums) for your guests.

Choosing a Wedding Venue and Style of Wedding

First of all you should think about these questions.

How do you imagine your perfect wedding day? Do you want an Indoor or outdoor? Elegant, Classical, Modern or Over the top? Answering these questions will help narrow down the search in what might be the most overwhelming part of your planning.

Prague boasts a huge array of venues that are suitable for intimate elopements, romantic weddings all the way up to Luxury events.

Be creative, think outside of the box.

5* Restaurant receptions, Iconic Castles & Palaces ceremonies, Historical venues even Open air Wedding tents & large scale Transformations all popular choices.

Start by taking each step at a time and you will finish with having the wedding you always dreamt of.

Prague is full of options, so do not limit your search.

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