10 Steps to your Perfect Bridal Bouquet!

09. 08. 2015
10 Steps to your Perfect Bridal Bouquet!

As a luxury wedding and floral designer, I know that every bride wants a bouquet that will make

her wedding more memorable. It should mirror her specific taste and personality. Continue Reading >>





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As a luxury wedding and floral designer, I know that every bride wants a bouquet that will make her wedding more memorable. It should mirror her specific taste and personality. The flowers should also have a theme that is complementary to everything else in her wedding. If you are a bride that is finding it hard to design your perfect bridal bouquet, you can follow the steps below to make the search and design easy for you.

1.There’s nothing wrong if you choose any flower.


Succulent bouquet via Stylemepretty

There is no need to follow the trend or to go with the same bridal bouquet as your friend if you really don’t like it. Have your own preference.

2. Consider your wedding theme and motif before looking for a bridal bouquet.


Bejeweled bridal bouquet via Modwedding

Of course, your bridal bouquet should be color coordinated with your wedding theme and motif. It should be extra special from all the bridesmaids’ and flower girls’ flowers, but this does not necessarily mean that you can change it overall look. Make sure it still has the hint of everything in the occasion to make it look perfect.

3. Consider your wedding dress.


Gorgeous bridal bouquet via Fleurlecordeur

Surely, you wouldn’t like your flowers to outrun your gown right? Thus, your gown and flowers should create a perfect balance. They should be equally gorgeous. Don’t look for a flower that is too colorful or too dull for your gown, it will look outcast and plain in the pictures.

4. Look at bridal books and magazines for ideas.


Rustic wedding bouquet via Weddbook

If you have no idea where to get an inspiration for your bridal bouquet, you can always take advantage of bridal books and magazines that will provide you samples of bridal bouquets with different themes for different motifs.

5. Know your budget.


Beautiful seasonal color bouquet via Bridalmusings

Know the budget before you get excited on picking your bridal flowers. Since the expense of a wedding is not a joke these days, why not determine the allotted sum for your flowers first before looking for one.

6. Ask the help of a florist.


Blue Spring Bouquet via Blovedblog

A professional florist cannot only help you determine the flowers to use for your bouquet but will also certainly do it for you. Why would you stress and force yourself out if you really have no idea how to design it? At least with a florist, you have someone who’ll turn your vision into reality.

7. Establish a vision.


Beautiful Wedding Bouquet via Bellethemagazine

As said in step five, envision your taste and preference and your florist will make it happen for you. Are you a minimalist? Are you fond of huge flowers? Whatever it is, just tell it straight to your florist. She can help you.

8. Get everything into writing.


Minimal wedding bouquet via APracticalWedding

To not miss anything, put your preferences into writing. Because no matter how professional a florist is, she can also forget every single detail. It is a good idea to state everything into writing. The price, the types and size of the flower you want are some of what you should put into writing.

9. The season is a big consideration.


Cascading bouquet via Beth’sDeluxeFlowers

Like fruits, flowers can be also seasonal. Seasonal flowers are easy to find while obviously non-seasonal flowers are difficult to find, not to mention expensive as well.

10. Enjoy the search!


Take note, this is your wedding. You should be the most beautiful lady in your wedding day. But how can you do so if you are so stressed out with just a bridal bouquet? Just enjoy the search and you’ll certainly find that one perfect bouquet for you.

Are you ready now to get your beautiful bridal bouquet?

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