3 Considerations while looking for your ideal wedding ring. Part 3

04. 10. 2015
3 Considerations while looking for your ideal wedding ring. Part 3





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Today we will finish our series “3 Considerations while looking for your ideal wedding ring“.


Ancient Egyptian Wedding

The wearing of wedding rings on the third finger of the left hand began in the Ancient Egypt, Ancient Egyptians believed that this finger contained the “vena amoris”, the vein of love that runs straight to the heart. By placing a continuous band of precious metal on this finger, it was thought that you ensured your immortal love.

And here comes our third consideration for your ideal wedding ring:

3. Consider an engagement ring with a paired wedding band!

An engagement ring can become even more special when it has another ring to sit perfectly with it.

The easiest way to match the engagement ring and wedding band is to purchase a two piece “bridal set”, where an engagement ring and wedding band are designed to compliment and fit perfectly together.

All the match work is done for you with bridal sets and they look well considered, finished and elegant on your ring finger.


Tiffany Soleste Heart with Tiffany Soleste Wedding ring

Whilst bridal sets are both breathtaking and convenient, you could instead opt to match a wedding band to an engagement ring yourself by looking into matching metals, styles and stones.

  • Combine Metals

In order to match your engagement ring and wedding band, it’s vital the metals and colors are the same.

Platinum and platinum; rose gold and rose gold. Of course, some rings are made with two color metals and look perfectly beautiful because they are designed that way.


Tiffany Setting 18k yellow gold with wedding ring in 18k gold with a full circle of round brilliant diamonds.

  • Combine Styles

If the engagement ring has engraving or a pattern on it, then the wedding band should have the same style, one that’s very similar or none at all as different styles could make the rings clash.

Also, if you want colored diamonds or gemstones in your wedding band, make sure they match with the colors of any stones in the engagement ring.


Three Stone With Sapphire Side Stones with Shared-setting band.

  • Proportions

Be sure to think about the rings proportions; a wide wedding band could overwhelm a smaller engagement ring and vice versa. Many people opt for a slightly smaller wedding band to sit under the engagement ring as an added booster to the star of the show.

If you plan to wear both rings every day, keep comfort in mind and consider smaller or medium sized rings, as a pair of wider, chunky rings may not be ideal for every day wear.


Tiffany Soleste round with Tiffany wedding band

  • Enhancing Your Engagement Ring

If you’ve purchased a smaller solitaire stone or one with a lower clarity grade and maybe a little less sparkle, an “enhancer ring” may be the right add-on to boost the “wow factor” of the engagement ring.

Enhancer rings dial up the beauty of an engagement ring by complementing it with diamonds and/or precious gemstones, boosting the size of the ring and changing its appearance. Usually enhancers are curved to fit around the center stone of your engagement ring, making them look as if they were created together.


Tiffany Harmony with Tiffany Harmony Wedding ring

As with just about everything in the wedding planning process: wedding gown, wedding veil, venue, decor, etc.  it all comes down to personal choice – but now you have some ideas to help you plan your approach.

If you are looking to match, think proportions, metals, styles and colors.

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