5 Amazing themes for your outstanding Autumn Wedding

25. 10. 2015
5 Amazing themes for your outstanding Autumn Wedding

Don’t you love autumn? Fall is one of the best times of the year to plan your wedding.

The weather is beautiful and all the leaves are changing colors. Continue Reading >>





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Don’t you love autumn?
Fall is one of the best times of the year to plan your wedding. The weather is beautiful and all the leaves are changing colors. Nature offers its own ambiance in the fall which only enriches the theme of any wedding.

A fall wedding also offers the chance to incorporate some natural colors into the cake, the dress, or anywhere else of choice. Many people even prefer a fall wedding over spring, and with good reason. The cooler temperatures often make for a more enjoyable wedding experience and fall colors make some stunning wedding photos.

If you’re planning your wedding in Prague, all the better. The luxury weddings in Prague are incredible ceremonies that make lavish memories. As a Wedding planner in Prague, I always recommend the couples to use the architecture and natural environment in order to create some incredible weddings.

Here are a few ideas for luxurious fall weddings in Prague.

1.Go Vintage


Beautiful Vintage themed autumn wedding

A vintage inspired wedding gives plenty of room to go all out in so many ways. From beautiful botanical garden weddings to posh indoor ceremonies, the door is wide open.

The color palettes are usually a little softer and it’s a great time to break out the pearls. Depending on how vintage you decide to go, beads and pearls say retro and they are always luxurious. From tapestry draped walls to classic stationary and beaded place cards, vintage can be as luxurious and you want it to be.

2.Go Bohemian


Gorgeous outdoor bohemian themed autumn wedding

A luxurious Bohemian themed wedding is always fun. It commands plenty of layered textures and colors to spice things up. Plenty of floral arrangements are a must in a Bohemian themed wedding and extravagance abounds. The incredible architecture in Prague makes it a great place for this type of wedding, especially in the fall. All the beautiful décor only adds to the ambiance.

3.Butterflies or Doves


Butterflies themed autumn wedding

Both of these animals are beautiful and sophisticated. Either would be appropriate to build a wedding theme around, especially in beautiful Prague. Whichever you choose will help inspire the colors and the style of your cake.

You can even make them a part of your ceremony, sending thousands into the air after you have tied the knot. What a great way to commemorate the experience.

4.Float it In


Floating in it themed autumn wedding

There is plenty of water in Prague so you could do a luxuriously themed floating wedding. This makes a magnificent wedding. All the chairs for the outside seating arrangement are transparent which takes the focus off of them. Add thousands of floating lights and flowers and you’ve got something pretty incredible.

5.Show off Your Year or Artist


Van Gogh inspired autum wedding

It’s often fun to center a wedding around an era but instead of going vintage, pick a year or even an artist. People have done Van Gogh style weddings or weddings from the 80’s. It can be fun to pick the year you met or the year you graduated. This opens up a thousand possibilities to really make your ceremony classy and elegant.

Having a luxurious wedding in Prague offers so many different options, especially during the fall months. There is no need to contend with extreme weather conditions and the design of the buildings in Prague will make any wedding lavish. It is the perfect setting for any romantic and unique fall wedding.

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