7 Fabulous Winter Wedding Ideas

27. 12. 2015
7 Fabulous Winter Wedding Ideas


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Everyone dreams of having a stunning and special wedding day. Having a winter-themed romantic wedding in Prague is a trend nowadays.

Your wedding day is indeed a special and unforgettable day. Wedding manifests a new start or new chapter in the lives of a couple. It is one reason why most couples wanted to have efficient wedding plans so that they’ll achieve a great wedding ceremony and celebration.

When it comes to wedding planning and design, there are numerous tasks to consider in order for you to have your dream wedding.A lot of time and effort needs to be given when accomplishing every wedding detail.

If you want to have a winter wedding, then you can consider these 7 winter wedding ideas.

  • Pine-cones and Snowflakes Winter Wedding Motifs– Feel the winter spirit and ambiance in your wedding by having pine-cones and snowflakes winter wedding motifs.


  • Choose Suitable Wedding Colors that Give Winter Accent– Green, red and silver are colors that reflect the winter season. However, don’t overuse combination of these colors because the wedding may seem to be more holiday-oriented. Consider using crystal, white and silver accents to add glamour to your winter wedding.  For your wedding ceremony, you should try having a white velvet aisle trimmed with Crystal curtain as your wedding backdrop.


  • Choose Flowers that Give Winter Ambiance– You should have fuller flowers such as Ranunculuses and White Hydrangeas. These flowers will definitely look good when you add simple silver or white ribbons. Add sparkle to bride’s bouquet by putting ribbon with crystals to the stems of flowers.


  • Invitations– You can make your wedding invitations with a touch of winter by using silver envelopes.


  • Music– You can add winter accent by choosing classical music played by the pianist during the wedding reception. You may also have a singer to sing during the reception. You may also choose to have a group sing your favorite pop sings and jazz songs.


  • The Wedding Cake– You can have a wedding cake with a Vintage-style and dusted cake that comes with edible silver powder. Put crystal drops and white sugar ribbon as accents of your wedding cake.


  • Cocktail Hour– Serve hot chocolate or any hot beverages to wedding guests. It is also highly recommended to serve Sweet-flavored Vodka and Saketinis in glasses with sugar crystals.


And a Winter Wedding design by the master Preston Bailey.


Winter weddings are gorgeous!

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