Wedding Gowns Guide

21. 06. 2015
Wedding Gowns Guide

Today, we are going to learn about Body types and Gown styles.

We all know that the center of attention of every wedding is the Bride. Continue Reading >>




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Today, we are going to learn about Body types and Gown styles.

We all know that the center of attention of every wedding is the Bride. Because of that, is really important for the Bride, to select a Wedding gown that flatters her body, and her style, so She can feel comfortable, gorgeous and perfectly secure during her wedding day.

Follow the next steps and you will find your PERFECT wedding dress!

1. We recommend to all our Brides to first know their body type. There are a number of body type calculators that can help you with that.

Our favorites are:

Knowing your body type is essential in order to wear the perfect gown in your wedding day!!!

2. Now let’s select the ideal gown for you:

Body Type Do Do Not
Petite Simple sheath, A-line o empire waist Avoid voluminous ball gowns.
Tall Sheath or A –lines with a fitted bodice, halter or open neckline to accentuate the collarbone. Avoid anything that might make you look awkward, like the ballerina style.
Straight (Thick Waist) Empire waist, A-line, tiered skirts. Any pretty or decorative neckline will focus eyes away from the waist. Princess line, or Basque or dropped waist. Avoid plain necklines such as bateau or unadorned short scoops.
Broad Shoulder/Big busted Ball gown or A-line. V-neck or plunging neckline. Empire waist. Strapless or spaghetti straps.
Full figure (round) Ball gown or A-line. V-neck or plunging neckline Empire waist or sheath. Strapless or spaghetti straps.
Hourglass (Figure 8) A-line or drop waist full. Sweetheart or V-neck Empire or ball gown
Bottom heavy (pear shaped) A-line, Basque waist or ball gown. Strapless or soft round or scooped. Sheath. V-neck
Short Waist Princess or A-line. Portrait or halter. Sheath

3. Gown styles:


A Line Pro Novias Collection 2016


Ball Gown Oscar de la Renta 2016


Basque Pro Novias collection 2016


Mermaid Gown Pro Novias Collection 2016


Princess Line Elie Saab 2015


Sheath or Column Gown Oscar de la Renta Bridal 2016

4. Understanding Gown Necklines


Now you can search your stunning wedding dress, knowing that using this guide, you will be the brightest star of your Wedding day!!!

Did you like this article? Do you have any questions or want to know more about any specific point?

Share with us which one is your ideal wedding gown style.

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