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Beth’s Deluxe Flowers a Wedding planner Prage began with a desire to make weddings and events completely extraordinary. Our passion for wedding design reaches deep into each and every detail; from delightful décor, to impeccable flowers and meticulous wedding day coordination.

Wedding preparation is the next thing to do after engagement.

Wedding is a sacred ceremony that unites a man and woman to be wife and husband. So, if you and your partner are now ready to enter marriage, then for sure both of you want to have a special and memorable wedding.

Wedding planner Prague - Beth Fajnorova Garcia
I am Beth Fajnorová Garcia, Head Designer of Beth’s Deluxe Flowers, located in the heart of Europe, Prague. I am a Certified Wedding and Event Planner by The Wedding Planning Institute LWPI, Certified Floral Designer by Lovegevity Institute and the First Preston Bailey Protegé in the Czech Republic.

Wedding planner Prague - Beth's Deluxe Flowers
However, be aware that making a wedding day as special and memorable as possible can be a little bit challenging since wedding preparation comes with numerous tasks to settle and accomplish.

Wedding preparation comes with certain tasks that include organizing and managing every wedding detail. There are certain problems that may come along the way unexpectedly. Most couples failed to accomplish certain wedding tasks due to certain factors such as lack of time, experience and more. In line with this, getting a wedding planner would be a great solution.

Our wedding coordinators and Wedding planner Prague will be available to you 24 hours a day

Hiring a wedding planner is indeed a great way to ease out the tension for making your most-awaited occasion special as much as possible.

Contact us today, so we can get started on design your wedding and provide you with best wedding planner Prague.

The perks of hiring wedding planner Prague are listed below.

1.Maximizes the Fun of Wedding Planning and Preparation- Some couples tend to feel stressed when preparing for the wedding. A wedding planner can help couples enjoy the entire process of preparing for the wedding.

Wedding planner Prague - Beth's Deluxe Flowers
We are proud that our past clients are so enthusiastic about the services we provide.

2. Supervision and Monitoring- Wedding planners help the bride and groom organize everything: details, logistics or last minute emergencies.

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We're passionate about helping create wedding celebrations that our clients remember fondly for the rest of their lives.

3.Handle Wedding Problems- A wedding planner is trained to handle any wedding problem that may come along the way.  

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A wonderful wedding consists of a number of things coming together to make a very special day.  One of the most important, that traditionally sets the stage is the floral design.

4.Creates and Monitor Wedding Schedules- Wedding planners can keep track on couple’s event schedule. Wedding planners are well-trained and versed to organize every detail of wedding event.  

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We are always happy at Beth's Deluxe Flowers Prague to discuss wedding plans and ideas, and to present how the company can help make them happen.

Contact us today, so we can get started on design your wedding in Prague.

5.Acts as the Main Person In –Charged- Wedding planning and preparation involves talking with different people and all these people can talk and ask questions to the wedding planner.  

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We aim to exceed expectations.

6.Gives Wedding Suggestions- Wedding planners can help couples settle every wedding detail. Wedding planners are knowledgeable about wedding planning and actual wedding preparation.

Wedding planner Prague - Beth's Deluxe Flowers 6
7.Listens to Wants and Needs of Clients- Couples can talk to their wedding planner to ensure that their dream wedding will turn into reality.

Wedding planner Prague - Beth's Deluxe Flowers 7

8.Assist Clients- Wedding preparation comes with stressful tasks which cause couples to argue. Wedding planners can avoid such possible problems.

Wedding planner Prague - Beth's Deluxe Flowers 8

9.Save Time- Wedding planning and preparation may take enormous time. A wedding planner can help couples save energy and time. They can take care of everything.

Wedding planner Prague - Beth's Deluxe Flowers 9

10.Save Money- Wedding is expensive. However, by having a wedding planner, you can save a great amount of money. Wedding planners can negotiate with vendors to give you discounts.

Wedding planner Prague - Beth's Deluxe Flowers 10

If you are looking for someone who will truly listen to you and your wishes you are at the right address.

For sure, hiring the best wedding planner Prague for your romantic wedding in Prague or a Luxury wedding in Prague, is now part of your place since you now know that getting wedding planner is advantageous for couples planning to get married.

Hiring the best wedding planner can help couples turn their dream wedding into reality. Don’t risk your wedding day!

Contact us today, We can help you design, plan and execute your dream wedding!



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